Firefly Mission (Myanmar)

Written on:January 12, 2016
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In December 2015 the folks from the Firefly Mission were in Myanmar delivering medicine and school supplies to the Pyinnya Shwe Bon Monastic School in Yangon, the monastery of Venerable Sopaka in Mawgyun, Ayeyarwady Division in South-west Myanmar and several other locations. During their tour they also distributed copies of the new Myanmar translation of GQGA

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GQGA Reprint

Written on:January 4, 2016
GQGA Reprint

We are happy to announce that different translations of GQGA have been popular enough to justify reprinting. Dalibor Pavlik informs us the 5000 copies of the  translation  was reprinted 2012 making 8000 copies of the book so far printed. Onpimon Souteyrant who led the team that did the original Thai translation has contacted us saying that since the first printing (8000 copies) two more reprintings of 5000 copies each have been done.  The year…


Nepali GQGA Reprint

Written on:July 20, 2013

The Nepali translation of GQGA continues to be reprinted and find a readership. Recently Dhamma Aid Asia and Anandakuti in Kathmandu reprinted 3000 copies of the book and distributed them for free.


3000 Tamil GQGA in Brickfields

Written on:June 12, 2013

We are happy to announce that the  Maha Vihara in Brickfields, Malaysia, has just printed 3000 copies of the  Tamil translation of GQGA. A good number of Tamil-speaking Malaysians of Indian origin have some interest in the Dhamma.


3000 GQGA distributed in Assam

Written on:May 20, 2013

Recently 3000 copies of the Assami GQGA was reprinted and distributed in several locations in Assam.


Assamese and Vietnamese Reprint

Written on:April 15, 2013

We previously reported the publication or republication of both the Assamese and Vietnamese translations of GQGA. Last week we received copies of both books and word that both are being prepared to publication again soon.


GQGA in Vietname again

Written on:February 2, 2013

The dynamic people at Dhamma Aid Asia have just reprinted 5000 copies of the Vietnamese translation of  GQGA. The books have been distributed at the nuns of Khemarama Nunnery and also to several temples in the Mekong Delta. Once again, we thank Yu Ban and Dhamma Aid Asia and those who donated for this worthy project. You can learn more about DAA at


Tamil GQGA

Written on:January 29, 2013

The first Tamil translation of GQGA was done nearly 20 years ago but it needed to be corrected and the subsequent extra sections added. Our   Dhamma friend Ben Asaru, a south Indian now resident in the US, has completed the job and you can see it at his excellent Tamil Buddhist website at and also on the this website.


More Reprints

Written on:January 29, 2013

We are happy to report that the Buddhist Association of the United States in Carmel, New York, has just published 3000 copies of the Chinese translation of GQGA as well as 3000 copies of one of Bhante Dhammika’s book ‘The Buddha and His Disciples’. Also Mr. Justin Chew in Penang, Malaysia has printed 1000 copies of the of the English GQGA and 1000 copies of the Chinese translation.  


Messages of Encouragement

Written on:November 28, 2012
Messages of Encouragement

Recently we received  four letters from organizations to who we have posted copies of GQGA –The Buddhist Society, London, the Grand Rapids Temple  in Michigan in the US, Mt Adams Buddhist Temple in Washington State also in the US,  and from Sunil  Kariyakarawana, the  Buddhist Chaplin to the British Armed Forces. Steve Sampson of the  Grand Rapids Temple writes:  “I think your work, Good Questions, Good Answers, speaks simply and…