Letter from Thailand

Written on:January 9, 2012
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altRecently we received a letter from one of theteam of people who translated GQGA into Thai. It reads in part – The amount of our first printing  was 8,000 copies, and we are almost out of stock at the moment. We have distributed the books as free Dhamma gift to our Dhamma friends, meditators, teachers, students, monks & nuns etc. There are also people who have read the book from their friends and write to ask us for more copies.  Most readers love the books and come back for more to share among their friends and relatives. Some say that the book will also be good for their teenager children who seem to be lost about Buddhism and ask a lot of difficult questions. This book help the parents give answers. Thank you so much for having written such a wonderful book. With  my deep respect, Montatip Khunwattana

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