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Written on:November 28, 2012
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Recently we received  four letters from organizations to who we have posted copies of GQGA –The Buddhist Society, London, the Grand Rapids Temple  in Michigan in the US, Mt Adams Buddhist Temple in Washington State also in the US,  and from Sunil  Kariyakarawana, the  Buddhist Chaplin to the British Armed Forces.
Steve Sampson of the  Grand Rapids Temple writes:  “I think your work, Good Questions, Good Answers, speaks simply and directly to a world sometimes overwhelmed with needless and often meaningless trivia. And, more importantly, it shares happy and healing information unknown to most.   It is meeting people who have no idea what it is other than a vague notion of Compassion and Peacefulness. It is a wonderful gift to a world confused by noise and opinion and silliness. As I wrote in my last e-mail, we are using your book to help those new to the  practice. I have asked two groups within south Michigan whether they would like a few copies of your work. When I receive an answer I will pass it along to you. Thank you for you generosity. We, the Grand Rapids Temple, could put more of your books to good use. If you send more, I know it’s costing your community funds, the temple I belong to could hold a fund raiser to help you with the expense of overseas post. Again, thank you so much for sharing you gentle wisdom. Peace to you and your community.”
Ven. Kozen wrote: “Thank you for the kind donation of books to our temple. Also, if you can send us more GQGA we would appreciate it. We distribute Buddhist literature to all the prisons in the states of Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Our goal is to allow prisoners to have access to the Dhamma. I visit prisons in two states and have my students visit prisons   in one state. Prisoners are the forgotten ones who have made  poor choices and we hope to ease their lives by providing the Dhamma to them.  Our hope is to have Dhamma material in every prison in three states as well as mail books to anyone who requests them.”
Sunil wrote:  “This is just to say that I was so delighted to receive  the parcel of books from you  and I am so pleased that I will be able to read it in my tour to Sri Lanka where I am attending my mother’s 3 months memorial dana. The whole Buddhist (and even non Buddhists!) must be so grateful to you for your great efforts to share Noble Teachings. Sometimes I meet some soldiers, sailors and airmen/women who read one stanza or just one word from the teachings and then they explore the path and finally end up serious meditating followers. So the great effort you put in will undoubtedly bear fruit and what I am so excited about your books is their practical value and lucidity of expression and timely presentation.”

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  1. Abdou says:

    My only comment about lay-commuity is to cnlotastny attend periodical retreat organised by recognised triple gems in particular Zen or Ch’an Master in today Zen Buddhism. Your very own existing body-mind is the existing holy book on earth. Read & study it as it is equally fair just to all walks of life on earth regardless any background etc & it is beyond religions too. It can be practiced anywhere anytime freely on earth too. Will your invesgation endorse what Buddha teachings about 2500 years ago is yet depending upon own driving effort to walk the talk upon the pathway as a most reliable guidance.However, for Dharma Buddhists who conduct retreats I am not sure about it depending upon one’s experiential experience. I personally feel that any Dharma talks that well-fitted into the 4 noble truths inclusive the eight-fold path is proper & appropriate. The main key is to eliminate the existing body-mind sufferings by knowing there are sufferings arising source/reason. Thanks for any personal sharing.

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