GQGA Reprint

Written on:January 4, 2016
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We are happy to announce that different translations of GQGA have been popular enough to justify reprinting. Dalibor Pavlik informs us the 5000 copies of the  translation  was reprinted 2012 making 8000 copies of the book so far printed. Onpimon Souteyrant who led the team that did the original Thai translation has contacted us saying that since the first printing (8000 copies) two more reprintings of 5000 copies each have been done.  The year 2015 has seen a Swahili translation by Elijah Ogeda in Kenya, a Esperanto translation by Miaohui in China, as well as Dutch and Hindi translations, this last one already in print. The first five chapters is online in Russian and the hope it that it will be completed next year.

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